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Meet Jo-E, our tech buddy!

After working code wonders with his team for a whole year, he’s putting the keyboard aside for a couple of weeks and taking a well-deserved summer vacation.

Jo-E loves to plan holiday trips! Packing his gadgets and good mood, you will be seeing a whole lot more of him bathing in the sun or doing some mountain climbing, because he’s into sending postcards.

We know he’ll come back and bring us small gifts, traditional sweets, artistic pictures and location recommendations (yes, even with pins on the map) because good ol’ Joey is quite the holiday designer for his family, and sometimes for us.

Jo-E's always happy to return after the summer break to his happy (work)place where:

People have big hearts and strong minds. The latter you see first. The former becomes obvious during the first break.

Everyone’s into technology, with countless different passions. Some we know, others you’ll have to discover.

Common sense is the number one craze that keeps the spirit alive. Coffee is the second.

Passion comes in sprinkles and it’s one of the key ingredients in our office life.

If vacation is just another way to run from your job, join TiVo and stop dreading that flight back!

Apply now! Start when you’re ready!

Send us an e-card/ postcard with an amazing view from your vacation – we really like those. We’ll make sure to make it a part of your office décor when you join is!

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